What’s with the hellish half hours?

In Talking Bull on October 5, 2009 by djhobbs

Right so… I just finished watching this TV show called The Cube on ITV presented by one, Philip Schofield. Now Phil spends an hour shouting ENTER THE CUBE at over hyper participants as they walk into a perspex cube and perform simple tasks for and no matter if they succeed or fail, trippy lights start a-flashing and they get a prize.

I have also just sat through a hellish half hour of Hollyoaks (sexy students having sexy sex, sexy arguements and taking sexy drugs….sexily) which was interspliced with adverts for things involving vampires. After flicking through todays tv guide I find “Inside the worlds deadliest snake”, “Kerry Katona: The Afterbirth” and 3 different channels showing reruns of friends.

What in holy fuck  is wrong with television and its producers and writers. Where is the next “Lost”, where is the next “The Prisoner” and the next “Monty Pythons Flying Circus”. To be fair, and so people don’t give me hateful comments, there are programmes like “Flashforward” (the FBI investing a worldwide lost-ish flashforward) and “The big bang theory” (the uber nerds comedy), that keep me glued to my glorious HD box; but why is there any need to show “World most shocking videos 7” and repeats of “Ray Mears Bushcraft”.

Does anyone really want to watch not only the X-Factor but then the Xtra factor then XtraXtrafactor +1 followed by Strictly Come Dancing and then Strictly Come Dancing: It takes Two then Strictly Come Dancing: It takes Two HD rounded off with fat celebs in tight lryca in the vicious wankathon that is Hole in the Wall.  No one thats who.


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