Why You Need A Ps3

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Assassins Creed Linage – Part One

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SuBo covers the stones

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Despite that fact that it’s Susan Boyle I can’t decide whether this is any good or not. The first single off of her album, which is out november, has been leaked and it turns out it is a cover of The Rollings Stones “Wild Horses”. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking…”OMG It’s SuBo, a ugly fuck from BGT covering one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time in her whiney faux angelic voice. LOL.” but  I cant help thinking that it is a good cover….but then again it is an operatic version of the stones…which is pretty much against god, mother nature and the holy baby jesus.

Take a listen and drop a comment telling what to think


Marge Simpson in Playboy…and yes there are nipples

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Hey ladies….do you like my GBA???

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Circuit Bored

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After a busy weekend of working my day job and going to the big wonderous capital city of london (and drinking dry vodka martinis in a covent garden bar), I’m back on the blog. My next internet project, first being the Level Up! podcast and second being this blog, is and E-bay shop selling Video games, Dvds, Cds and various collecables knic-knacs and players of the aforementioned media. Eventually I wan to quit the 9-5 routine and turn the E-bay shop into a retail premises. Oh, and if you havent guessed it’s called circuit bored, you know like circuit boards, but bored as in I’m bored, it’s kind of a pun….ish. As I type I’m corroborating my stock and taking photos of it to upload, so expect the first lots to be up by the end of the week and expect a link to the shop front and each item soon.

Also look out for Episode Nineteen of Level Up! tomorrow.


Comics out of dead flies

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this has to be one of the more awesome and original things I’ve seen in a while and I’ve seen some awesome and original things in my day. Some Swedish guy (I wish I knew his name– these images came from here via here and I don’t know Swedish) made this series of one-panel comic strips by taking dead flies, putting them in various positions and then drawing around them with a pencil.